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Available Fleece Colors

Double-Eye Fender Cover


Crafted from genuine Polartec® fleece, our fender covers not only protect your boat’s gel coat, awlgrip paint, and boot stripe, but your fenders as well.

Popular brands include Taylor Made Super Gard (ribbed), Taylor Made Hull Gard (smooth), Taylor Made Tuff End, and Polyform F and G series. If you believe you have a brand or size not listed here, please call us at (207) 710-2021.

Please note that over time the dark colors will fade due to the sun’s UV rays; however, this will not affect the integrity of the material. We recommend using lighter colors (white, tan or charcoal) for any fenders that are permanently attached to your dock or exposed to the sun for extended periods.

All embroidery will be done as if the fenders are hanging in the vertical position. If you hang your fenders horizontally (parallel to the water) please indicate that information when our customer service representative calls to verify your order.

Over 200 Colors Available.
Boat Fenders Custom Embroidery Options
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